Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Scrapbook Day!!!

...and I am SO behind on my blogging! Sorry!!

Today was finally the day! A couple of weeks ago, I and a bunch of other designers were asked to make samples for a friend (thank you, JenLo!!) who was representing a new scrapbook paper manufacturer - Twelve By 12 on HSN (Home Shopping Network)! After deciding which pictures to use, signing HSN's photo release, getting the kit, creating some things with these wonderful papers, taking pictures, writing up instructions and sending them out...all within a week and a half! PHEW! I made about 8 pieces and I have a couple "in progress" at home...just in case! LOL!

Just finish watching HSN's National Scrapbook Day hour with Suzanne Runyon and towards the middle of the show, there was Jen! Didn't have any idea of what pieces of mine would be showcased but there was that clock and a tulip layout (but the entire 5x7 pic was totally glared from the stage lights! LMBO!!!)! So excited! Here's what was shown on TV:

Some of my other items are located in Twelve By 12's home page!

Also went to the Scrapbook Expo @ the Odeum in Villa Park yesterday! Spend two hours and came out with a lighter wallet! LOL! Best purchase...Scrapbook Girl's PJs!!! Great meeting fellow TLCers - BevS and RachelS!!!

Parents are in town from Japan and they are staying with us for about two's good to see them!! My brother is also here but only staying overnight and moving on to NYC...then eventually back to Tokyo. But we'll see them next month as they will stay with us for about two months! Should be LOADs of fun esp. for the cousins!

Hope you all are having a wonderful "National Scrapbooking Day!!"


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