Thursday, May 12, 2011

Catch Up!

Hey, everyone! I have a lot of my plate but wanted to follow up with my Mom's Day cards. To my very pleasant surprise, my boys made me a card each! I have to say I was impressed and wanted to share a PROUD MAMA MOMENT :0)

I created the one on the left (details on my Mother's Day post), my oldest made the big one in the center in Chinese! He is taking Chinese class and is doing well. The one on the right is from my youngest son who is taking Japanese classes at his junior high school. So this year, the theme is international! LOL!!

I've got a few things coming down the pipe so be sure to watch tomorrow!! I'm HOPPING with joy...heehee!! A little hint (wink).

Have a good Thursday!!

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Cath said...

Awesome cards, Margie! So fun! :)