Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Most of the world is already on New Year's Day - Happy New Year to my friends in Australia, Singapore, Hongkong and Japan!! May the Year of The Rabbit bring good fortune to you all! xo

Here in the States, we have a few hours before the big countdown. What do you have planned? We will be celebrating at home with the four of us (Taka came home from a youth retreat last night - so good to have him home!). On New Year's Day, we will be attending church in Wrigleyville (Chicago) for the first prayers of the year (HATSUMODE) which is a big thing in Japan.

When I was a high school junior at The American School In Japan, I wore a KIMONO and had my hair waxed/fixed into a traditional Japanese hairstyle. It took days to get that stuff out of my hair! On New Year's Eve, my uncle took me to MEIJI SHRINE around midnight for HATSUMODE. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN!!! It was us and a couple million people! OMGOSH! LOL!!

So back to the States...

Yesterday was my turn to post on Spellbinders' blog. And of course, I went with the New Year's theme! I loved how this turned out. At first I was a little worried about how WILD the red boa would be but you have to be festive, right?! LOL!!

Personally I had a rough year - my dad, uncertainity of plans, etc. but I am looking forward to an even better year for me and for everyone!!! So let's make a good one! HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!



Mariangeles M said...

You look so cute in that pic :)

BTW, Happy New Year!!

Shu said...

Happy new year!

Wishing you every happiness in this year!

Theresa Tyree said...

What an absolutely beautiful photo of you Margie!

Bridget said...

That's a great picture! I wouldn't want to have to ever deal with getting wax out of my hair! Bet you never do that again loL!