Thursday, August 26, 2010

MIA - Catch Up Time

Hi all!
I know it's been WAY TOO LONG since I posted but I do have a reason (well, a couple of them)...

First reason: CHA (Craft & Hobby Assoc.) trade show and SuperShow CHA Consumer Show back-to-back. Loads of work but lots of was so good to see friends that I can only see at these shows. I am sorry to have missed a lot of my friends too. Here are some pictures that were taken:

Spellbinders Sign - I don't get lost at CHA! LOL!

Spellbinders - Beth hard at work (I did take a pic of you! LOL!)

Spellbinders - Holly in lights! With Gina K Designs :0)

TaDa Creative Studios Booth - Super Cute!

TaDa Creative Studios - The Big Top Collection! One of my favorite!

CHA Consumer Super Show

Chicago's First Consumer Show - Getting Our Tickets

My friend ChrisR - thanks for driving & for motivating! LOL!

Jessica Sprague - My first digital page! For you, Chrissy! LOL!

Second reason: During CHA/Super Show, my father was hospitalized and had two surgeries to take care of his spinal cord (both were successful). When he caught Pneumonia and couldn't break his fever, it was decided that I fly out to LA to be with my parents. I was able to get a flight out the next day and off I went. He is doing well but has to go through weeks? months? of rehabilitation to get back his daily routine (or as much of it as possible). My brothers and I were most concerned about our mother so I stayed out there for three weeks to support her in whatever she needed.

I wanted to thank Spellbinders™ and TaDa Creative Studios for their understanding and concern for my father! Couldn't have been more luckier to have such kind and thoughtful people to work with! Gratitude especially to my blog author team members, Beth and Holly (click HERE for the GinaK Designs video), for their patience while I take care of my parents! xo

Featured on Today's Spellbinders Blog - THANK YOU!!

OK...a third reason: BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

Be on the lookout as I will post something fun about TaDa Creative Studios SOON!


Beth said...

Glad Dad is improving, and you had the chance to make sure everything is all right. Now get back to work, ya hear me?! LOL!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

So happy to hear your Dad is on the mend :) I will keep you and your family in my thoughts & prayers :) Love all the photos from CHA & this card is so sweet - picket fence & all!