Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Hoopla @ Craft Fancy last Saturday...

OMGosh! SO much FUN!

Thought I'd stay for a couple of hours and catch up with my friends (Hi, Beth & Michele!!) who I don't get to see too often...ended up staying there six hours! PHEW! I'm tired from talking! LOL!!

The store had tons of goodies for the holidays so no excuse for anyone not to get something holiday done! The glitter papers from American Craft sold out QUICK...didn't get any :0( and a lot of the Spellbinder die templates were sold out BUT they can special order for you (lucky for me 'cuz again I didn't get any either). Morale of the story: SHOP FIRST, TALK LATER!!! LOL!!

Here are my friends "in action!"

From Top: Beth Pingry (Spellbinders' Guru); Michele Kovack (Crafty Secrets & JustRite Wonder Gal); Simone Collins (CraftFancy Guru), Carol Leung (CraftFancy owner)and Diane (the calming force of the group - she is helping in Simone's & Carole's pictures - thanks, Diane!!). project...Japanese craft show...don't ask how far I am ;0P


Beth said...

So, how's that craft show coming along? Tee hee hee! It was great to see you!

Funscrappin' Fiona said...

Funny thing about talking... i don't seem to remember you EVER getting tired of chit chatting.


Great ideas on the wax resisting!

Love ya girl!