Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pieces Of Me...

Hey, all! Hope everyone survived the celebration! We had to work like all other new years, our church is open for the first prayers of the year. BUT the best part is hanging out with the members and sharing a meal of traditional Japanese new years dishes (as you saw in my previous post & MORE! LOL!). Will post those pictures later!

I wanted to show you all a project that I finally got done....I think it took me a good two months to get it completed!!! It's that dreaded scrapper's block! UGH!!! And I loved how it turned out! I plan to do a class on this at the end of this month @ Cherish. I used Creative Imagination's puzzle pieces to make an altered mini album and the theme is based on the many roles we as mothers, wives, sisters, brothers, kids to get through life. Mine covers places I need to be...home, work, school, sorority and play (of course, that's my fav page! LOL!!). So if you're interested, would love for you to join us @ Cherish!!

The January dates are: 27th (Sat./10am-NOON); 30th (Tue./10am-NOON). There's one February date: 3rd (Sat./10am-NOON).

Currently I'm working on an envie accordion album for Valentines @ Frozen Memories. I don't think their calendar is up yet for January but this class will be this Saturday, Jan 6th from 10am - NOON. I hope to post a picture tonight so be on the lookout for it! I believe the price is $12.00.
Thanks for always stopping by and reading my blog!


Corinna said...

WOW, love the book! TFS!

Jan said...

Hey!!! I'm so glad you shared your blog with me!! This is great!! The New Year's food looks very yummy... and your book is lovely!!!

Happy New Year!!

*miho* said...

Happy new year! Wow!you made OSECHI.I didn't make OSECHI this year,but I made ZONI.You are busy this year too.i'm looking forward to see your new projects.