Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to my 10 year old!!!

Sniff-Sniff! Guess he can't stay a little boy forever but I can dream, can't I? LOL!!

Happy birthday to my youngest guy!

We decided to do something different and he wanted an ice cream cake sooooooo... I went to Frozen Memories (where I work part-time)'s ice cream palor side and purchase a dozen ice cream cupcakes! Then I stacked them and put a candle on top.....a birthday cake! Everyone got to choose which flavor they wanted and I didn't have to cut anything! Now I call that a solution!

What a treat for him...a TV baseball game w/ bat remote, a Barns & Noble gift certificate from his cousins, some $$$ from the grandparents and lots of hugs & kisses from ME! Heehee!

Happy birthday, Mr. Hiroyuki!


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Latharia said...

Love the birthday cupcakes!! :)